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no limits - our journeys are like no other

World First Expeditions is unique!  We think outside the box, we choose the most stunning and hostile environments on earth and then create new and innovative ways to travel through them. We are unequalled in this.

We offer spirited individuals with a taste for adventure the opportunity to experience an achievable expedition, using unique one-off forms of transport solutions, developed with the latest in cutting edge and green technology. All our journeys are unique and have never been attempted before and achieve a World First a Guinness World Record, or both.

We are not like the rest; we are not a travel agency, we don’t ask you to fill anything in on-line, our service is completely personal and bespoke. We only work on one unique expedition at any one time and our full attention and ability is given 100% of the time, whilst organising and implementing the logistics of that particular journey.

Our expeditions are designed to be challenging and innovative and are meticulously planned and expertly executed to the very highest of standards. Prior to departure, you can be involved as much or as little of the time as you choose, with the technical trials and organising of the expedition.

WFE delivers extraordinary and priceless memories that will stay with you forever, and we professionally produce a documentary film of your journey of discovery.

WFE will surpass your expectations on delivering the experience of a lifetime to exacting standards of safety and any special individual requirements.


Meet The Team

We only work with the world’s top professionals in their field

Andrew Miles, Director

Andrew Miles’ Bio

During his career as an explorer and television producer for The National Geographic Channels, Andrew travelled to most of the world’s remotest regions, working with the world’s top Explorers, including:

  • Pen Hadow – First person to walk unsupported to The North Pole from Canada.
  • Lewis Pugh – Motivational speaker and World Record holder for longest cold water swim.
  • Bear Grylls – Adventurer and television presenter.

Andrew has organised and taken part in some amazing privately funded once in a lifetime journeys, such as:

  • The Ice Challenger – Guinness World Record for the fastest journey to the South Pole.
  • The Gates of Hell  – World First to walk 500km unsupported on The Skeleton Coast of Namibia.

Our Expedition Leaders

  • Jason De Carteret – Expedition leader and Guinness World Record holder.
  • Sam McConnell – Specialist in desert exploration.
  • Lorenzo Baldi – Mountaineer, guide and European specialist.
  • Arne Karlstrom – Specialist in the Arctic and Dog Sledding.

Our Design Experts

  • Kieron Bradley – The senior development and design engineer at Lotus and Guinness World Record holder.
  • Sherp – Russian designed ATVs that really will go anywhere.
  • Ripsaw – Luxury super fast tracked vehicles.

Expedition Doctors

Prometheus – Specialists in medical support operations.


Executive Protection – Specialists in high-level personal security


Mike Sharp – Specialist in Antarctica logistics and expeditions


Olga Mallo – Fixer and writer, specialist in South America


become part of our expedition and travel on an extraordinary journey through an extraordinary landscape like no other on earth...

The Atacama Challenge

The challenge is for a small group to travel 1000 miles completely unsupported on bespoke electric quad bikes over 20 days, from the north of Chile to the South, travelling through the Atacama Desert using only green energy.

Expedition Objective

At a time when world energy is now daily world news, this ground-breaking expedition’s aim is to push the boundaries of what is possible in producing and using green energy. The expedition will highlight European excellence in innovation for engineering and design in the field of green energy, and show what can be achieved when multiple elements from multiple companies are brought together in one unique form of transport.

The expedition will be attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the longest unsupported distance on electric quad bikes and a World First for mixed green energy power distance.

World First Expeditions are now offering the opportunity for a small group of adventurously spirited individuals to turn this voyage of discovery into their own journey of a lifetime.



I have worked with Andrew on the organisation and filming of an expedition from Europe via Iran and Central Asia to Tajikistan.
I found him to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about all things to do with expeditions. Andrew ensured that everything was immaculately organized and perfectly tailored to my requirements. My time with Andrew was priceless to the eventual success of the project.
I would thoroughly recommend Andrew to anyone looking to carry out any type of trip or expedition that’s a bit off the beaten track; or for advice on anything they want professionally filmed. His wealth of knowledge and expertise are excellent and his guidance totally professional in every way”

Jeremy Aylmer

International Crude Oil Trader, Chevron UK

“I met Andrew as the organiser of a World First Expedition on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia. We were attempting to be the first people ever to walk the 500km of totally remote desert coastline, from Luderitz to Walvisbay.
It was a very challenging expedition with no outside support, in a formidable, yet stunningly beautiful part of the world, and I am glad to say we achieved our goal.
After extensive research, Andrew came up with another world first on this expedition, and we also became the first people ever to desalinate all our fresh water from the sea.
I found Andrew to be very professional in his approach to everything to do with this amazing journey. To organise a 20-day completely unsupported expedition in a desert with no fresh water, is an amazing achievement. Andrew showed great leadership and left nothing to chance in his very detailed planning.
I would recommend Andrew to take anybody to any remote areas of the world, as he is very knowledgeable about living outside of your comfort zone.
If anybody would like to talk to me further about Andrew or the expedition, please do not hesitate to contact me”

Brian Perkins

Company Director, Perkins Homes Ltd

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